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Roslyn van Aardt
Roslyn van Aardt
Training with Tanya is the highlight of my week. She knows how far to push me but accepts when I say I am at my limit. She knows how to encourage in a way that makes me want to do more. For someone who hasn’t trained in many years and in her 60’s - I’d recommend Tanya to anyone!!!
Andre Fry
Andre Fry
I joined Bodyback SA in September 2023, and I've been working with Clayton as my personal fitness coach. I must say, my fitness journey has been pretty amazing with his guidance. Right from the first session, Clayton showed me he knows his stuff about fitness and has a personalized way of training. He took the time to understand my fitness goals, lifestyle, and any limitations I might have. This personal approach not only made me feel at ease but also motivated me to challenge myself. Clayton comes up with different and interesting workout routines. Each session has a mix of exercises that are challenging but fit my fitness level. This variety not only keeps things interesting but also makes sure I'm working on different muscle groups for a well-rounded fitness improvement. Bodyback and Clayton regularly give me feedback on my progress and keep me updated on the fitness plan to help me reach my goals. Thanks to Clayton, I'm already seeing positive changes in my body, which is motivating me to stick to a healthier lifestyle. I wholeheartedly recommend Bodyback and Clayton to anyone looking for a dedicated, knowledgeable, and inspiring fitness trainer. Working with them has really made a difference in my fitness journey, and I appreciate the positive impact they've had so far.
Ravelle Pillay
Ravelle Pillay
We love working with Clayton. In only a few months he’s helped us feel stronger and super capable. He’s super friendly and knowledgeable, and really motivates us to reach new limits. His training is challenging, fun and we’re very happy to be able to work with him.
Prejelin Naggan
Prejelin Naggan
Bodyback SA is a game changer - super convenient as they come to you. Mauritz has been awesome. He crafts really challenging and fun workouts, adapts to changing needs (eg if you are feeling sore) and gives really great insights on fitness. He is also just a great person.
sene Van Heerden
sene Van Heerden
I can't thank Kelly enough for working with me at my level and encouraging me on those low days. She has the knack of making you feel at ease regardless of your skill level. She challenges and motivates. I would suggest her to anyone regardless of your fitness level!
Jeanine Poggiolini
Jeanine Poggiolini
Ludwig is an awesome trainer and motivates us to commit to and meet our goals. Apart from seeing positive results, every session is fun and something to look forward to.
Tarryn Bentley-Gross
Tarryn Bentley-Gross
I have been training with Eric from BodyBack for 5 months now and have been absolutely loving my 2 sessions a week with him. My body is not your normal one and have tons of restrictions due to lower back and neck issues but this never stopped Eric. He has been on the forefront of my training programme, working alongside BodyBack's professional's and my Chiro in making sure that we work efficiently towards my weight loss and toning targets but most importantly not hurting myself and taking care on the style of programme suited to my body. I am beyond impressed with his and BodyBack's services and looking forward to a long and healthy journey with this team. Thank you Eric for all you have done for me so far! You just the best.
Terina Coetzee
Terina Coetzee
The best experience. I am so satisfied with my results and the knowledge I gained. Will recommend in the future.
Alfred Hoyer
Alfred Hoyer
Thank you for giving us the opportunity to share our experience with Chantal with you, since we started training with her we immediately connected with her and her training methods are effective and we can definitely see improvements in ourselves, she has also guided us along the way with regards to homework training and dietary requirements, it almost never feels like a training session but more like a friend coming over to visit (and drilling you of course - haha...) we really enjoy her programs and will continue our health journey with her, a keeper for sure.

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Why Choose an Online Personal Trainer from BodyBack?

Our Online trainers are:
– Top South African Trainers
– English Speaking
– Affordable Rates
– Quick To Match Up
– Rated, Vetted and Proven

Certified and experience fitness professionals who specialise in delivering effective online training programs tailored to individual fitness goals and preferences. You’ll also benefit from a dedicated lifestyle coach who helps you make healthier choices beyond the gym.

Unparalleled convenience and flexibility through live sessions that save time and adapts to clients’ schedules, making fitness more accessible than ever. Virtual sessions not only acts as a money-saver, but also a huge efficiency booster for individuals looking to prioritise their health.

Personalised training programs that cater to clients’ varying fitness levels, offering customised workouts that adapt to individual needs and progression.

BodyBack’s online training is a cost-effective investment in one’s health and fitness, providing quality services that deliver tangible results without breaking the bank.

BodyBack’s online personal trainers offer a unique blend of accountability and motivation, fostering a human connection that gives the power to clients to stay committed and motivated towards achieving their fitness goals.

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Online trainers with Finesse!

Customised Workout Plans

BodyBack excels in creating tailored workout plans that focus on technique, variety, and effectiveness, ensuring clients receive engaging workouts that align with their goals.

Nutrition Guidance

BodyBack provides expert nutrition guidance that complements fitness programs, offering clients access to registered dieticians who develop tailored dietary plans to enhance overall health and fitness.

Virtual Training Sessions

BodyBack’s virtual training sessions offer real-time guidance and support through online live interactions, enhancing clients’ training experiences and ensuring effective workouts.

Progress Tracking and Support

BodyBack prioritises progress tracking and continuous support for clients, ensuring they stay on track with their fitness goals and receive the necessary assistance to achieve long-term success.

How does BodyBack ensure
Quality and Safety?

BodyBack upholds high standards of quality and safety by employing certified and experienced trainers who undergo rigorous training to deliver effective, safe, and personalised fitness programs.

Through comprehensive assessments and individualised planning, the trainers at BodyBack tailor each fitness program to meet the unique needs and goals of every client. Safety is paramount at BodyBack, evident in the stringent safety protocols followed throughout the facility and during training sessions.

With a focus on creating an exceptional experience for each member, BodyBack ensures that every aspect of a client’s fitness journey is designed to be impactful, enjoyable, and rewarding. The dedication to quality and safety permeates every aspect of the facility, creating an environment where clients can thrive and achieve their fitness goals with confidence.

  • Certified and Experienced Trainers
  • Thorough Assessment and Consultation
  • Constant Communication and Feedback
  • Proper Warm-up and Cool-down Techniques

BodyBack Client
Success Stories

BodyBack boasts a remarkable collection of success stories from clients who have achieved outstanding results and transformed their fitness journeys under the guidance of expert trainers.

One particularly inspiring tale is of a client who initially struggled with motivation and consistency but, through dedicated effort and the support of their trainer, made significant progress. Their journey was not just about physical transformations, but also about building mental resilience and overcoming self-doubt. The personalised training program tailored to their specific needs played a crucial role in their success, proving that with the right guidance and commitment, anyone can achieve their fitness goals.

How Do I Get Started with an Online Personal Trainer from BodyBack?

Embarking on your fitness journey with an Online Personal Trainer from BodyBack is a simple process that begins with filling out an online form to kickstart your personalised training experience.
Once you submit the online form, you will be contacted by a BodyBack representative to schedule an initial consultation. During this consultation, the trainer will gather information about your fitness goals, medical history, and any limitations you may have. Based on this discussion, a customised training program will be designed to suit your specific needs.

Once the program is finalised, you will receive guidance on the type of equipment needed for your workouts. Whether it’s dumbbells, resistance bands, or a yoga mat, the trainer will ensure you are well-equipped to start your fitness journey.
With your personalised program and equipment in place, your online training sessions will commence. These sessions will be tailored to your fitness level and goals, providing you with effective and engaging workouts to help you achieve your desired results.

1. Fill Out an Online Form

To begin your fitness journey with a BodyBack online trainer, start by filling out an online form that captures your fitness goals, preferences, and initial consultation details to kick off the program. Once you have submitted the form, the BodyBack team will review your information to understand your unique needs and aspirations. This personalised approach ensures that your progress is tracked efficiently and that you receive tailored guidance throughout your fitness journey. After the initial review, you will be contacted to schedule a consultation with a dedicated fitness expert. During this session, you’ll have the opportunity to discuss your goals in detail, receive expert advice, and gain the necessary motivation to kickstart your personalised fitness program.

2. Schedule a Consultation

Once the online form is completed, clients can schedule a consultation with a BodyBack trainer to discuss their fitness journey, goals, and progress tracking, setting the foundation for a personalised training program. This initial consultation serves as a crucial step in ensuring that the client’s objectives align with the expertise of the trainer seamlessly. During this meeting, the trainer delves into the client’s aspirations, current fitness level, and any challenges they may be facing. The consultation provides an opportunity for the trainer to emphasise the importance of accountability and results in achieving sustainable progress. The BodyBack team takes a holistic approach, considering factors such as nutrition, mental wellness, and overall lifestyle.

3. Begin Your Personalized Fitness Journey

With the consultation complete, clients can embark on their personalised fitness journey with BodyBack, where expert trainers tailor workouts, provide guidance, and support clients in achieving their fitness goals. Delving into their fitness journey at BodyBack, clients are greeted by a team of seasoned trainers who carefully curate personalised programs based on their aspirations and abilities. These programs are not only aimed at enhancing physical strength but also incorporate nutrition strategies for overall wellness. Through ongoing support and encouragement, clients are inspired to track their progress and witness the remarkable transformations their bodies undergo. The journey at BodyBack is filled with positivity and focused guidance, ensuring that each client’s fitness experience is fulfilling and rewarding.

Frequently asked

What makes online personal trainers from BodyBack different from traditional in-person trainers?

Our online personal trainers at BodyBack provide the same level of expertise and personalised attention as traditional trainers, but with the added convenience and flexibility of being able to workout from anywhere, at any time.

Can I still get a personalised workout plan with an online personal trainer?

Absolutely! Our online personal trainers take the time to get to know your fitness goals, limitations, and preferences in order to create a customised workout plan that works best for you.

Do I need expensive equipment to work with an online personal trainer?

No, you don’t need expensive equipment to work with our online personal trainers. We can design workouts that utilise simple and affordable equipment such as resistance bands, dumbbells, and bodyweight exercises.

How often will I communicate with my online personal trainer?

Communication frequency varies depending on your specific program, but typically our online personal trainers will check in with you at least once a week to monitor progress, provide feedback, and make any necessary adjustments to your plan.

Can I cancel my online personal trainer subscription at any time?

Yes, you can cancel your subscription to our online personal trainers at any time. We understand that life can get busy and schedules can change, so we want to make it easy for you to pause or cancel your membership as needed.

How do I get started with an online personal trainer from BodyBack?

It’s easy! Simply visit our website and fill out a quick contact form to schedule a consultation with one of our online personal trainers. They will guide you through the process and get you started on your fitness journey.

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The new Protection of Personal Information (POPI) Act Regulations are effective from 1 July. This means we need your consent to receive our direct marketing material. No spam, we promise! When you opt in, you’ll receive our newsletters, latest articles, product and service promotional material and be the first to know about awesome competitions. You can learn more about how your personal information is processed by reading our Privacy Policy and managing your privacy settings. Privacy Policy.